Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

Water is an important component in our body. A normal person should consume adequate water depending on the body size. Your body needs to maintain the normal percentage of between 55 and 75 percent of water. The body entirely depends on water to function fully.

One is recommended to have a regular water consumption at least ten glasses daily because it plays an important role in the human body. Unlike other diets, water is free from calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugars or any other substances that might expose the body to any form of infection. The following are the health benefits of adequate and regular consumption of water.

Relieves Fatigue

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Sometimes when you are feeling fatigue, the chances are that you are having low levels of water in your body. The body will be unable to function fully when there is inadequate consumption of water. Physicians have proved that fatigue is actually because of dehydration in the human body.

When there is inadequate water in the body, the volume of blood drops and that heart is unable to pump oxygenated blood as required to the bloodstreams and other body tissues. This makes the body parts unable to function properly. One is supposed to drink water after a short while to make the whole body functional.

Improves Mood

When your body has mild dehydration, it can negatively affect your moods and the ability to think properly. According to research, it indicates that there is always a direct link between dehydration and moods, whereby, when the body has a low level of water, there is limited blood flow even to the brain, and this reduces the ability to think.

Your moods and cognitive function of a person will be improved when there is enough and regular consumption of water. You will know when a person is hydrated when the color of urine is light; otherwise, you need to take at last ten glasses of water to keep the body hydrated.

Helps in Digestion and Constipation

Water plays an important role in digestion and constipation. The functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is improved when one is taking enough water regularly. This will help in the process of digestion and avoid constipation.

When someone has low water consumption, it results in constipation because the colon will be absorbing water from the stool so that it can maintain dehydration. This leads to cases where it is difficult to pass stool when the body is dehydrated. Drinking enough water helps in the process of metabolism and proper food break down.

Helps in Weight Loss

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Research and clinical trials have been done to prove that water is ideal for weight loss. When you take at least eight glasses of water daily, you will be able to suppress your appetite and hence increase the efforts of weight loss.

Drinking a lot of water also helps by preventing a person from overeating and the tendency to gain weight so fast. On the other hand, water helps in increasing the process of burning the calories in the body hence boosting weight loss.

Drinking water – the many health benefits it has

Drinking water – the many health benefits it has

Water is a requirement for the body for it to work properly. Many body processes are driven by the availability of water in the body. Not having enough water in the body may damage the body systems which may make people sick. Lack of water in the body may be shown in the skin and in some cases, one may experience migraines. Here are benefits of water to various body parts;

Benefits of water to the skin

gfhfghfghfhfghgfhThe skin will show if one is dehydrated. These are some of the benefits of drinking water for healthy skin. Water is needed for maintaining the optimum moisture of the skin so that essential nutrients are delivered to it. It is also used to increase skin elasticity helping to delay signs of aging such as wrinkles and other fine lines.

Water can be used instead of the anti-aging creams. By keeping the skin hydrated, the complexion is enhanced, and water also makes the skin soft and supple. Keeping some skin conditions at bay is also a result of taking water. This includes diseases like psoriasis and eczema. This is because by taking water toxins are flushed from the skin leaving one with healthy skin.

Benefits of water to the hair

Drinking water supports absorption of nutrients in the body especially vitamins which are needed for growth of healthy hair. For hair to grow well, it needs lubrication which is achieved by taking water. Not taking water may make the hair dry and brittle leading to hair loss. The hair may also stop growing.

Health benefits of taking water to the whole body

Stability of body fluids

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgfdgUp to sixty percent of our bodies are made up of water in the form of body fluids. These body fluids are essential for digestion, blood circulation and absorption of nutrients among others. Water in the body also plays a major role in keeping the body temperature stable. This is achieved by sweating which leaves a cooling effect to the body.

Healthy muscles

Muscles are mostly made up of water. This makes it necessary to stay hydrated if we are to keep them healthy. Being hydrated will enhance the contraction and relaxation of the muscles without cramping hence one becomes stronger.

Gets rid of wrinkles

Skin cells need water so that they do not form wrinkles. Water makes the cells plump hence less wrinkled. Toxins are also gotten rid of from the body leaving the skin fresh and free from acne.

Healthy digestive system

Drinking water is necessary for proper digestion so that the kidneys can also work well. Lack of water in the body may cause constipation which may damage the digestive system.

Weight loss

fghgfhfghfghfghgfhLack of water in the body makes the kidney not to function properly hence it burdens the liver. The liver does the work of burning fats to produce energy. However, when it is overburdened by the work which should have been done by the kidney, it burns less fat causing increased fat deposits in the body. besides that, taking water before a meal may make one feel fuller hence eat fewer calories since the water occupies most space in the stomach.